Filling Machines For PET Bottles

We are the manufacturers and exporters of Filling Machines For PET Bottles. Filling Machines for PET Bottles offered are made available by us in world class design standards that meet the filling needs of PET bottles. With the machines finding application in different industry sectors, the precision construction standards of the systems assist in ensuring these matches up with the specific process needs at client’s end. 
Some areas these are used in include for filling of products like natural juice, milk, mineral water, synthetic juice, carbonated drink and others.

  • Rich industry experience in offering filling machinery interface for PET bottles
  • Machines made available in Fully & Semi Automatic working possibilities
  • Can handle filling of PET bottles in different functional capacities

Filling Machines made available for PET Bottles with bottle handling capacity from 200 ml to 2000 ml. Some of the outputs these machines can deliver include:
  • PET bottle filling capacity of 25 Bottle/min (BPM)
  • PET bottle filling capacity of 50 BPM / 75 BPM
  • PET bottle filling capacity of 120 BPM / 150 BPM
  • PET bottle filling capacity of 200 / 300 / 400 BPM
  • The filling capacity of the machines for PET bottles can also be customized as desired by the customers

  • Filling of PET bottles in different capacities