De Gasification Systems FRP

We are the manufacturers and exporters of De Gasification Systems FRP. Water having carbonic acid are passed through the Degasser Towers which contains pall rings to give little obstruction to the water flowing down,  Air blwo in upward flow removes the carbon dia-oxide frm water leaving purified water.  

This system is used mainly alongwith Two Bed DM Plant having Cation and Anion Units and is installed after Cation Column where CO2 is stripped out leaving purified water to reduce the load on Anion Column thus reduces the Resin regenaration quantity of NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) 

This system is also used for Post RO system to increase the pH level of RO Treated Water.

system is available frm 200 mm dia producing 1000 LPH flow rate up to 1200 mm dia and more for bigger flow rates.