Rapid Flow Two Bed DM Plants FRP

We are the manufacturers amd exporters of Rapid Flow Two Bed DM Plants FRP. ESCRO offers Rapid Flow Two Bed DM Plants FRP in various sizes ranging from 500 ltrs/hr up to 40 m3/hr. These are manufactures using FRP pressure vessel, internal distribution and collection system, multiport or individual valves, piping, ventury for acid or alkali injection, solution tanks, for acid and caustic, test kit, conductivity meters etc.
These units are available with multiport or individual valves. We offers special resin to withstand higher velocities at less TDS water. When operated with low TDS water up to 100 ppm or with ro system as a feed water system, these units perform to their best providing required water quality.

Special Features

  • Pre assembled, factory tested systems, compact, easy to install, operate and maintain
  • FRP pressure vessels, PVC piping & valves
  • System requires only water, electrical and drain supply and can be installed in a day.
  • Auto control valves for easy operation of system and electrical controls with all interlocks
  • Well packed - resin media to provide good filtered water quality.
  • Solution tank of required volume and test kit for water quality check.
  • Sampling points for quality monitoring and pressure gauges for pressure monitoring and conductivity meter for continuous water quality monitoring
Treated water quality at the outlet of the unit is having conductivity less than 30 micro siemens/cm with alkaline ph depending on in-feed tds.