Mild Steel Mixed Bed DM Plants

We are the manufacturers and exporters of Mild Steel Mixed Bed DM Plants. With the help of our hi-tech infrastructure set-up, we manufacture and export a competitive range of Mixed Bed DM Plants - Mild Steel Rubber Lined, which are available as per the given information by our clients. These products are available at industry leading prices to our clients. Our products are available for the demineralization of water and we offer these products in a cost effective as well as efficient manner to our clients. 

Special Features

  • Pre assembled, factory tested systems, compact, easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Mild steel rubber lined pressure vessel, msrl piping & ciel valves
  • System requires only water, electrical and drain supply and can be installed in a day.
  • Multi port control valves or individual valves for easy operation of system and electrical controls with all interlocks
  • Well packed - resin media to provide good filtered water quality.
  • Solution tank of required volume and test kit for water quality check.
  • Sampling points for quality monitoring and pressure gauges for pressure monitoring and conductivity meter for continuous water quality monitoring
Treated water quality at the outlet of the unit is having conductivity less than 1 – 2 micro siemens/cm with neutral ph and with Two Oass Mixed Bed Unit, same is 0.05 Micro Seimens/cm or less than 18 mega Ohms
These systems are widely used in for producing water for Pharma, Bulk Drug, Power Plants, Co-generation,