We are the manufacturers and exporters of Clarifier. Product Description Clarification is the process to remove suspended solids from water. It is the economical and an essential part of effluent treatment plants and other raw water treatment plants. Depending upon the plant, the clarifiers are available in wide varieties of shapes. In large scale wastewater treatment facilities, large circular open-air clarifiers are preferred.

Types of clarifiers:
  • Solids Contact Clarifiers
  • Secondary Clarifiers
  • Primary Clarifiers

  • The clarifiers operate on the principle of gravity-separation. The separate solids would flow downward and settle on tapered floor.
  • The untreated oil is forced towards the periphery of the bowl by centrifugal forces
  • Then the oil is passed up through the disc stack
  • Actual separation takes place here in the channel formed between two discs
  • The two forces act on each solid or liquid particle
  • The particles are pushed upwards with the oil stream towards the centre while the centrifugal force directs it to the periphery
  • The residual force on denser particles will drive them towards the periphery
  • While the less dense particles (oil) will be directed towards the centre of the bowl and raise to the outlet connection

Technical specifications
  • Rotational speeds: 7,000 to 9,000 rpm
  • Number of discs: up to 150
  • Separation distance between Discs: 0.5-0.6 mm