Stainless Steel Activated Carbon Filters

We are the manufacturers and exporters of Stainless Steel Activated Carbon Filters. ESCRO offers Stainless Steel Multi Media Filters option. These filters are manufactured using Stainless Steel vessels for longer life. System is operated at varied velocity from 10 m/hr to 30 m/hr to obtain required water quality and can be used for various applications.  Stainless Steel filters are available with the options of individual ball/ butterfly valve or multiport valve as required by customers and based on application. We use the sand (grey sand or white sand) of size 6/14 and 16/32 BS mesh mixed to provide better filtrate quality. Filter water outlet will have turbidity less than 2 NTU with inlet Suspended Solids load of 25ppm. For higher turbidity, coagulation may be required which can be offered using our dosing systems.

Special Features

  • Pre Assembled, Factory Tested Systems, Compact, easy to Install, Operate and Maintain
  • Anti corrosive SS 316 vessels, SS Piping & Valves and SS 304 Skid for mounting units
  • System requires only Water, Electrical and Drain supply and can be installed in a day.
  • Multi Port Control valve for easy operation of Filtration and Electrical Controls with all interlocks
  • Well Packed - Filter media to provide good Filtered Water Quality.
  • Sampling Points for quality monitoring and Pressure Gauges for Pressure monitoring