Chemical Dosing Systems

We are the manufacturers and exporters of Chemical Dosing Systems. Chemical Dosing Systems are designed to meet the need for accurate and precise chemical dosages for water and waste water treatment and for reverse osmosis systems.

WE uses the best available Metering Pumps which may have a higher price than that of a competitor, but the true cost of owning a these pumps must take into account with the life expectancy of the entire system and its key components, the frequency of repairs, the cost of repairs and downtime, the cost of labor, and the energy consumption of the system, the Spares to be maintained. We offers these Pumps along with necessary Solution tanks and other items. When these factors are honestly considered, our Dosing systems consistently cost far less to own than others.

The electronic metering pumps are solenoid driven diaphragm type. The diaphragm is made of high quality reinforced EPDM. The body is made up of PVC or polypropylene, suitable for most water and waste water treatment applications. Other materials such as acrylic, Teflon and AISI - 316 can be provided depending on the liquid to be dosed.

Our dosing system consists of a solution tank, pump and accessories, which includes a suction strainer, high speed mixer as an optional.

Our  chemical dosing systems can be connected to a range of our instruments, such as pH controllers, Redox potential controllers, chlorine analyzers or flow meters, which makes the system automatic.


  • Coagulants such as alum and ferric chloride.
  • Organic flocculants of various grades.
  • Corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalies.
  • Antiscalant Chemicals.
  • Any other Liquid as required in the Water Treatment Systems
These systems are available in standard flow rate of 5 LPH / 10 LPH / 20 LPH @ 5 - 10 bar Pressure.
Bigger capacity dosing pumps are available on request.